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emolyrics's Journal

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emo lyrics
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dedicated to lyrics about love and loss...
this is a community dedicated to songs of love and loss... mostly by boys. it's open access. feel free to join and post lyrics that make sense to you, or make you sad, or make you happy, or are just neat.

ads are annoying and obnoxious and will be deleted.

but requests are great! because everyone can get suggestions from one request. :]

at member request, we are trying to use tags to get some organization going. please please PLEASE use tags if you post an entry. you will not be punished if you do not, but it will be greatly appreciated. if we do not have a tag that you want, please go to this entry to suggest new tags. you can view our existing tags here.

if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to visit my journal at shakeitlove

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