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long ago
I was a man in pain,
a man in need,
I ran to you.

long ago
I did not understand.
you were making me bleed,
I ran to you.

when I feel the cold in the dark,
I know what you do.
and though it's clear,
though it was always clear
that we were never meant to be,
if you happen to remember,
stop and think of me.

think of me, think of me waking silent and resigned.
imagine me trying too hard to put you from my mind.
think of me
please say you'll think of me
whatever else you choose to do
there will never be a day
when I don't think of you

Jun. 28th, 2017

I want you
the truth can't hurt you,
it's just like the dark
it scares you witless
but in time, you'll see things
clear and stark
I want you
go on and hurt me,
then we'll let it drop
I want you
I'm afraid I won't know where to stop
Oh, my baby baby,
I love you more than I can tell.
I don't think that I can live without you,
And I know that I never will.
Oh, my baby baby,
I love you so it scares me to death.
I can't say anymore than "I love you."
Everything else is a waste of breath.

Jun. 26th, 2017

(Suppose I never ever met you.
Suppose we never fell in love.
Suppose I never ever saw you.
Suppose we never ever called.
Suppose I kept on singing love songs
just to break my own fall.)

Jun. 26th, 2017

I never loved nobody fully,
always one foot on the ground.
And by protecting my heart truly,
I got lost in the sounds:
I hear in my mind, all of these voices.
I hear in my mind, all of these words.
I hear in my mind, all of this music.
And it breaks my heart.
Breaks my heart.
houses are whistling in our wind
branches are snapping in our spin
skin is t w i s t i n g against skin
I am flying, so it seems
foundations bursting at the seams
the sky is manic with our song
I am frantic, we are strong
we're tornadoes when we dance

Jun. 14th, 2017

I'm just a stupid fuck with brilliant luck
and sometimes a bright idea.

Jun. 14th, 2017

why did I come, oh why did I come here?
these humans all suck, I'd rather be home
feeling violent and lonely.
I'm not trying to sound insincere,
but the postcard that's taped to the freezer reads
"wish you were here."
how I wish I could disappear.

Jun. 14th, 2017

sister soldier, you've been such a positive influence
on my mental frame
if I could ever repay you I would but I'm hard up for cash
and my memory lacks